Saturday, 16 July 2016

[ Root Only ] How To Run Mulitiple Whatsapp Account In A Single Device

Hello friends ‼
Today I am back again with an awesome trick to run multiple whatsapp account in a single rooted device. There in no need to install any other modded hatsapp like Gbwhatsapp+, Ogwhatsapp etc. You just need to download an single apk 2 lines for Whatsapp .
To Use Multiple whatsapp Accounts in an Single Device you have to do is just follow some simple steps :-
1. Download 2 lines from whatsapp from here.
2. Grant root.
3. After that open 2 lines for whatsapp it will store your current account
4. When your current account gets stored click on add button, in other words you will see an button with + sign click on it.
5. Now it will ask you to verify your number, verify your number
6. BooM  you add two accounts in your whatsapp.
7. If you want to restore your previous account just go to 2 lines for whatsapp and  click on your previous account number.
Note :- This trick will work inly in rooted device.
So enjoy ‼

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