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6 WhatsApp alternatives you should try

6 WhatsApp alternatives you should try

6 WhatsApp alternatives you should try
1/76 WhatsApp alternatives you should try
WhatsApp is the world's most-used messaging app, boasting of over a billion users. The app offers some nifty features that has most of us hooked.

But if you search around, there are some worthy rivals that you can consider. These apps offer features that are missing in WhatsApp.

Here's over to 6 WhatsApp alternatives you must try.
Hike messaging app in January this year claimed to have crossed 100 million-users mark in India. The app is available on smartphones running Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

It trumps over WhatsApp, courtesy its Offline chat facility, better sticker collection, hidden chat feature, and free messaging to non-Hike members.
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Not very widely-known app in India, KakaoTalk is another strong rival to WhatsApp. Available in 15 languages, the instant messaging app boasts of several features not vailable on WhatsApp like video calling.

In addition, the app also has animated emoticons. Also, unlike WhatsApp the app doesn’t need user's mobile number but works on KaTalk ID.

The app is available on smartphones running Android, iOS, Bada OS and Windows Phone.
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Facebook Messenger
4/7Facebook Messenger
Although both Messenger and WhatsApp now fall under the same Facebook family, Facebook Messenger over past few the years has made rapid strides in the instant messaging segment.

The app features a sea of stickers, has a couple of simple yet addictive games, and some small customization options as well. It is available on all major platforms.
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Line is another rival to WhatsApp messenger. The app offers features like timeline, coupons, video snapping and support for file sharing of up to 1GB which are missing in WhatsApp.
Telegram too comes with a number of features that are missing in WhatsApp. The instant messaging app includes option to self-destruct a message in seconds and can also let users share file sizes of up to 1.5GB.

Telegram additionally has super groups that can feature up to 1,000 users along with Telegram Bots, gif support and more. It is free and available on all major app stores.
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BBM too has some features that we would want in WhatsApp. The BlackBerry's instant messenger gives more power to group admins, lets users change chat statuses, supports video chatting and has self-destructing message timer. The app is available on phones running Android, iOS and BlackBerry OSes.

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