Friday, 25 March 2016

Whatsap assistant robot

WhatsApp BOT: An Auto Reply Virtual Assistant Robot:
Features of WhatsApp Bot
*. Wikipedia Search
*.Mp3 Search and Download
*. Horoscope
*.Thought For The Day
*. Talk With AI
*.Define(English Dictionary)
*.Currency Rates News
*. This Bot is having feature of searching anything in above feature
*.Replies typically in seconds
*. Sometimes gets an error of html coding
*.You may get error in understanding the bot
How To Use WhatsApp BOT
#1 Wikipedia search
Search anything on Wikipedia without opening internet and you can easily do this by typing keyword @wiki <Keyword>
Example: @wiki Android
#2 MP3 Download
You can easily download MP3 from WhatsApp bot and you can download it in your mobile by typing the keyword @mp3 <keyword>
Example: @mp3 Eminem
#3 Horoscope
You can also check horoscope of yours everyday by typing the keyword @horoscope <keyword>
@horoscope VirgoVirgo
#4 Thought of the day
You can easily get thought of the day easily by typing the keyword
Example: @thought
#5 Talk With the Bot
Same as Natasha you can even talk with the Wa bot and he will reply your properly.
#6 Define
It can also define an english dictionary ask him anything it will explain you in simple language type @define <keyword>
Example @Define Robust
#7 Currency
You can also ask the current currency ratesavailable in India and it will show you the complete message of it type @currency
Example @currency
#8 News
You can get the latest news from Times of india and you can view the content of it easily by pressing keyword @toi
Example @toi
How To Add WhatsApp Bot In List
*. Open your phone dialer and enter this number +919468155082
*. Save this number of your choice and enjoy your personal assistant bot
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