Sunday, 1 November 2015

Remove Candy Crush Saga Time Limit After Playing 5 lives!

Candy crush saga is a most popular game on every
device including iOS, Windows Phone, Android &

Many people loves candy crush saga because of its
tasty graphics and attractive levels.

BUT the problem is we have to play only with 5 lives,
after that we need to wait for 2hr 30 means to fill it

This game is competitive on FB ,
So we don't want to wait.
how can u Remove this limit and play continually?

Follow these steps:
1. Play with all lives.
2. Now Candy crush saga gives you time 2hrs to play.
3. Exit Candy crush and go to mobile settings,
Now go to time and date settings.
4. Increase Ur time to 3 hours
[for ex- if time is 1PM , u'll set to 4PM ]


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