Sunday, 20 September 2015

Create Your Own OnlIne Free Sms Bomber WIth FIreFox

Sms Bomber WIth FIreFox
Create Your Own Online Free
Sms Bomber WIth
FIreFox. FrIends today I will teach
you about how
to create your personal sms
bomber nd flood victim's mobile with
lots of sms' can create your
personal sms bomber.

» FrIends First of all you
need moziilla
firefox browser download nd
install it.

» After installing mozilla go
on add-on market of firefox nd search
for add-on named as imacros

» Install imacros on mozilla.

» Search for any free sms
sending website which not gives
captcha challenge.

» Open website in firefox nd
press F8 imacros will open.

» After opening imacros click
on record nd then type your message
and nd victim's mobile number nd
after typing message nd mobile

» After that click on play nd
give maximum value to 500 nd
click on play loop.
That's It you have done Now
go and take Rest


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