Saturday, 5 September 2015

comment on Facebook using animated GIFs

How to post animated GIFs as comments on Facebook

*.First, you need to open your Chrome web

browser. If you're not using Chrome, then

you should use it or else, this whole method

won't work.

*.Once you've opened Chrome, download and add the "Facebook GIF

Button" extension to

your web browser-

*.Once installed, just log in to your Facebook


*.Once you're logged in, look for a post on

your feed or timeline where you can freely

post a comment.

*.Comment on that post and then on the

comment box, look for the "GIF" icon on the side and then click on it.

*.An overlay window will appear and you'll

see a list of animated GIF categories.

Just choose a category that you like (ex.

Thumbs Up, LOL,OMG, Thank You, Fail, etc.)

and then you'll see a collection of GIFs (both

animated and non-animated) for that specific


If you hover on a GIF, you will see a

preview of it.

*.Now, go ahead and select the GIF that you

want to post as comment. Do not forget to

press "Enter" to confirm.

*.So that's it.

The GIF that you've chosen will be

automatically posted as comment.

It can be viewed and played by anyone

regardless if they're using the Facebook GIF

Button extension or not.


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