Saturday, 15 August 2015

How To Lock/Unlock PC Using Bluetooth Of Smartphone

1.First of all Download and

Install Btprxymity program in

your windows PC.

2.Now install the app and

the you will see a icon will

get created on the system


Now right click on the

BtProximity icon on system

tray and select Configur

Now a configure screen will

get displayed

Now pair your device with

your computer by right

clicking on bluetooth icon

tray and then selecting Add

a bluetooth

Now in the Configure dialog

box click on Install button

after setting all the fields

according to your wish, Like

tick on Lock when device go

out of range etc.

Thats it you are done now

your computer is protected

with your bluetooth enabled

mobile and your PC will be

only accessible in the

presence of you and your

mobile that you paired.


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